Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A note about what I'm going to post...

I feel like I should explain what I'm doing with my poems before I post the first one in a minute...

I tend to write poems by hand.  When I feel like it, mostly when I'm comfortable with it, I'll post an inadequate picture of the page - or pages - I've used to create the poem.  I feel like my handwriting changes with my mood, and I am experimenting a bit to see if this holds true as I go through the month.  Also, people seem to like pictures?  The poem, as it appears on this blog, is technically the second draft - the first edit.  The written page is my first draft.  Some things will change from paper to computer.

I might doodle.  This doesn't happen often.  My art, such as it is, is juvenile at best.  Please just judge the words.

I am not going to post any sort of preface or explanation for the poem - the post is the poem.  There will be no "afterword" or explanation following the poem.  In another entry I may go back and hash out my own poem if I'm feeling particularly egoistic.  Posts with poems are going to be poem-centric.  Only footnotes, as they might appear in a published work, will appear on a blog post with a poem.


Here we go.

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