Thursday, April 16, 2015

Not exactly feeling it tonight

Some efforts, nothing quite hitting the feeling.


sometimes I remember
you like late-night oceanography
documentaries, the things
we did, inexplicable like
goblin sharks and angler fish anchored
in tenacious dark waters but
with a science comprehensive
to obscure experts
with thick glasses and beards

one nuclear affection, ignited
and decaying daily
exponential rates we couldn't outrun
or survive and no number
of late-night conversations
or tender face-to-face touches
could mitigate the disaster of us


let me just be
to lie here, still
to disconnect
from wants, needs
demands from all
outside angles
each moment a new request,
take a number, wait in line
don't absorb
not a single one of these things
actually matters at all
disregard this chaotic world
I'll just take a glance
through Niedecker
I'm not the only
confessional naturalist

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