Thursday, April 2, 2015

As spring comes to us, we look to the sky

flicker of a pulse
in your throat
the skin below the curve
of your clenching jaw

lips like spring-mad birds
abscond across the stutter
in your stretched-tight skin

a wild hare your heartbeat
feeling my thunderous kisses 
pursue her to ground
but even in burrows
the tempest touches her
slides chilled fingers through her fur

furtive, trembling love - 
how do we discover the words
for what clouds do
the sprawl and scud
congregating to storms
with rainy bellies stretching to the ground

how do we speak of sensation
swallows wheeling
drunk upon the air
the giddy newborn winds

and storms and birds and all
the wildness
fall away, fall silent
human whole contained
two bodies
the flutter of your pulse
the break of the storm

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